Sold from coast to coast in Canada and the United States, our clothing decorated with creative logos is proof of the quality appreciated by tourists and visitors who wish to bring home a souvenir of their experience in the most beautiful places on the continent.

Our vast experience in serving the resort and souvenir apparel clientele makes us a choice partner for shops, museums, visitor centres, major players in the North American hospitality industry, and more.

Our designers give as much importance to the style as to the comfort of the clothing we create. Our styles for the whole family are tested until we achieve the optimal fit. Well thought-out, well-made, durable and comfortable, they will certainly please your customers who will be happy to wear them and give them out.



Exclusive, proudly designed, made and decorated in Canada at our factories in Lac-Drolet, our ethica clothes are made of Jersey and French Terry fabric using high-quality, ethical organic cotton and recycled polyester. Each garment helps remove up to five plastic bottles from the environment and is the perfect choice for travellers who want to bring home a typically Canadian gift.

Display your values in terms of sustainable development and fulfill your customers’ requests relating to responsible local purchasing. Our exclusive ethica brand of clothing turns out to be the perfect choice to attractively showcase your part of the country.

Ethica also contributes to community development by creating a wide variety of good, safe and accessible jobs for everyone in an inclusive workplace which cares for the people and the environment.



Are you looking for quality must-have clothing for the whole family at an excellent quality-price ratio? initial is a sure value for all your souvenir clothing needs, designed and decorated right here in Canada by Attraction.

Initial offers a selection of modern clothes aimed as much at a younger audience as to those more fashion-minded, regardless of age.

Thanks to our vast collection of current and creative logos designed by our team or exclusively licenced in Canada as well as the application of our various identification techniques, you’ll find everything you need to fill your customer’s needs.


In addition to our huge collection of logos created by our team members, our exclusive Canadian licences offer added value to diversify your selection and complete your souvenir clothing offerings to fully satisfy your various clienteles.

Under exclusive Canadian licence, we offer Duck Co. images. This partnership allows us to embellish our clothing with a wide variety of trending and humourous logos.

Under exclusive Canadian licence, we carry the collection of MV Sport garments which combine comfort, trending style and a relaxed fit. We decorate these fashion styles with original logos. We are convinced that every person who chooses an MV Sport garment will be proud to wear it.

Since 1994, Kid Tees By Stephen Joseph has specialized in children’s t-shirts and accessories complemented with unique and fun illustrations. These colourful logos stand out because of a range of special effects, such as integrating sparkles or using translucent, phosphorescent or metallic “puff” inks. We are happy to hold the exclusive Canadian licence.