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A new adventure

We have long cherished the idea of offering a collection of ethical, comfortable products manufactured right here at Lac-Drolet online. The moment has finally arrived to showcase our favourite clothes. This is the start of a new adventure for the great Attraction family.

A beautiful story

Since 1980, our story has been the tale of a family, a team, tightly knit, committed and attentive to the needs of our community, our customers and you!



Designed, manufactured, and decorated locally at Lac-Drolet by our unionized teams, ethica clothes are made from biological cotton and recycled polyester fabric.

When you buy the ethica brand, you make an important gesture towards the environment. Ethica clothing can recycle up to 5* plastic bottles per garment.

*Calculation based on 500ml plastic bottles
T-shirts: 0.80 metre/garment (estimated average for sizes S-XL) = 5 plastic bottles


Historically offered exclusively to tourists who wanted to bring home a bit of their Canadian experience, initial is now worn the world over in addition to being available to promotional clothing distributors and on-line.

True to our values, our initial clothing is designed and decorated in Canada by our team in Lac-Drolet, and made in certified factories that we visit regularly. Our suppliers are part of the greater Attraction family.

The product of teamwork

Our brands contribute to our community’s development by providing a wide range of quality jobs, accessible to all, in an inclusive workplace, respectful of people and the environment.

Our contribution

We have made considerable efforts over the last few weeks to contribute in our own fashion to protect our employees, healthcare workers and Canadians.

We have manufactured tens of thousands of non-medical jersey masks, protective gowns, and other washable clothing to help reduce the risk of shortages. It is important for us to do our part while respecting our values by offering ethical, washable protective gear.

Your choice, our pledge

United, our actions express of our shared values. We do our part by pledging to 1% for the Planet,
1% of our direct sales to consumers made on our boutique ethica and boutique initial websites.

What does it stand for?

In 2002, Yvon Chouinard founded 1% for the Planet and his company Patagonia became the first business to commit 1% of annual sales to the environment. Today, the 1% for the Planet network consists of over 3,000 businesses and individuals that contribute to environmental nonprofits in over 90 countries. To date, 1% for the Planet has directed over $250 million to these grassroots organizations working toward a better world. We share the same values as Mr. Chouinard. We are proud to be part of the movement he created and to do, together, our part for the planet!

The Attraction family

We are committed and we uphold a sustainable vision. We follow our values in our daily activities and they are embodied in the members of our wonderful team.

It’s great source of pride for us.