French-Canadian catalogne blankets and woven rugs made from textile waste generated by the production of masks during the pandemic

Lac-Drolet, November 23, 2020

Clothing manufacturer Attraction from Lac-Drolet, Québec, recognized for its local clothing brand Ethica, is launching a collection of French-Canadian catalogne blankets and woven rugs made from textile waste generated by the production of masks during the pandemic.

“During the pandemic, we produced thousands of masks per day, then orders dropped dramatically, leaving us with significant quantities of processed material in inventory. It was inconceivable for us to throw away all this fabric. We therefore carried out numerous tests to repurpose them and we fell in love with the first samples of French-Canadian catalogne blankets!” Says Julia Gagnon, co-owner and head of product development at Attraction.

“The French-Canadian catalogne blanket is one of the oldest representatives of sustainable development in Quebec. It allows fabrics to be reused to create a woven blankets that pass from generation to generation and keep you warm. A unique and beautiful heritage!

It is with great pride that we add these new products made from 100% premium quality recycled material to our line of Ethica products. Our Ethica rugs and blankets are handmade by our region’s “Cercle de Fermières” (Women’s circle). A group whose mission is to promote and facilitate the preservation and transmission of cultural and crafting heritage.

The purchase of an Ethica woven rug or French-Canadian catalogne blanket thus makes it possible to maintain the know-how of our grandparents and great-grandparents in addition to repurposing the thousands of meters of flange scraps generated by the production of masks during the pandemic,”adds Julia Gagnon.

These products are offered in the iconic black / gray / red color combination reminiscent of our rustic “cabin in Canada” roots and our affection for the “cottage atmosphere”. Two sizes are currently for sale on the of the Ethica brand e-commerce site: These small craft productions are offered in limited quantities at this time.

“The upcycling of our textile waste is a new avenue for Attraction. Woven rugs and French-Canadian catalogne blankets are now added to the makeup remover pads, toques and cushions already for sale at The crisis has seriously shaken our company and impacted our sales volumes, but we are confident that in the long term, it will have forced us to be more innovative and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs,” says Sébastien Jacques, co-owner and vice-president of business development.

Online sales and local buying

Attraction is also taking advantage of the local buying craze to sell to consumers through web platforms. The co-owners, a second-generation business couple, add “The purchase of a t shirt or sweater and now woven rugs and blankets by thousands of consumers gives work to knitters, dyers, dressmakers, screen printing operators, graphic designers, account managers, etc. in Quebec. Buying Ethica means ensuring the survival of a second-generation family business and also offering quality and diversified jobs in the regions. Multiply that example by thousands of goods and services and it is a whole country that can grow in a healthy fashion.


To date, Attraction has recalled to work, in accordance with public health instructions, it’s 80 production employees as well as the majority of its administrative staff and is now seeking to fill ten sewing machine operator positions.

Attraction inc.

Recognized as a leader in its industry, Attraction is a Lac-Drolet company specializing in the design, manufacture and identification of clothing for the promotional, recreational, tourism and now consumer markets.

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